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There is nothing to say

2013-05-22 14:41:24 by silverspecs


Self Pic 2

2013-05-20 18:42:20 by silverspecs

I just reached out to a group for the first time; Metal Hell! This is the pic I used on my debut post. It's a quick mixture of two images.

5/22 - Became a Private today. ^^

Self Pic 2

Self Pic 1

2013-02-23 17:56:26 by silverspecs

Today I'm feeling pretty bright. I'm no cowboy, I just like the hat. I'm into full-rim hats.

Self Pic 1

Cybercity Newgrounds Ch 3 Up

2013-02-21 18:19:10 by silverspecs

I didn't sleep at all last night. First I worked on the story, then I did an essay for class, then I worked on the story some more, then I did reading for class, then with my remaining four hours before class I worked on the story even more. Now the third chapter of Cybercity Newgrounds: A Cop's Tale is finally finished and uploaded. This one is a bit more lengthy, but the first half is PACKED with action. It was very fun to write this one.

First Art

2013-02-19 12:35:13 by silverspecs

Today I uploaded my first piece of art to Newgrounds. It's the basic layout for the residential and heavy industry level of the city from my story Cybercity Newgrounds: A Cop's Tale found here. Work on this piece was so damn tedious. I think it's a good idea to see the basic layout without the buildings because once I put those in, alot of the ground details will be covered up. Tell me what you think. For a larger version check my art section. (I am unscouted)

First Art

Level Up

2013-02-18 00:40:39 by silverspecs

Today I reached Level 14 and now hove a bloody pipe at my disposal! Hooah!!!

My story Reminiscence for this month's writing contest can be found here. It took me a couple days of on and off work to complete. I wish I had been more thorough in adjusting the format of the last post to be compatible with the forums. But hey, what're ya gonna do. Certainly not post the last part a third time. I believe the challenge this contest posed helped me to grow as a writer.

Cybercity Newgrounds Ch 2 Up

2013-02-14 17:41:25 by silverspecs

Today I posted the second chapter of Cybercity Newgrounds: A Cop's Tale. Here's the link to the thread. Any feedback is highly welcome, and I'll be sure to answer any questions as long that doesn't include providing spoilers. :)

I've started writing a story revolving around a fictional person's time in the Newgrounds Police Department. Though the story isn't real, some names used will refer to actual NG members (never in a hateful fashion though). In this work I have imagined Newgrounds as a cybermetropolis (a city in the cyber space world) and three groups that I plan to feature ar the NGPD, the Elite Guard, and the NG Mafia. I suppose one might think of this story as a science-fictiony version of one of those cool old cops and mob movies. Here's the link to the thread where I'll be posting the installments of the story. I'd hopefully like it to gain a bit more attention before I post the first part.

Ascended in Rank

2013-02-06 17:28:39 by silverspecs

On the off chance that anyone will read the news posts of this nobody I have the following announcement:

Today I became a Police Lieutenant. It's not a major accomplishment compared to what others have done, but still, I feel proud of my efforts at the Flash Portal these past few days. I'm considering joining the Newgrounds Police Department before I rank into Elite. The only qualification I don't yet meet is the minimum number of BBS posts. I know it's shocking that my first post was only around 14 hours ago even though I've been here since mid 2006. So in the times to come I'll be trying to find my place on the forums.

Every time I've entered one of my periods of intense NG involvement, I've done it for myself alone. Hopefully I'll be accepted with open arms when I reach out to the NG community.