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I love both of these shows! This is short, but it's so damn nostalgic!

Chuck Norris is Internet God. There could've been only one outcome.

Bye granny. Meh, she's lived long enough.

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I'm enjoying the game so far, but I'm stuck in the first room so cell block B. The wall is too high for me to jump back out. Am I supposed to be able to jump higher by this point. If so please, let me know.

Quells responds:

Are you talking about the sand pit where you fight a mob of soldiers, archers, dogs, and an werewolf looking thing? If you did, an item should've spawned. If it didn't PM and I'll see what I can do first thing tomorrow morning.

This game sorely underestimated my patience. :)

This sounds like Kirby music :)

Raytheon responds:

you are right, my friend, i just so like it. :)

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Why am I unable to vote on this song anymore? I've been unable to find any information on the forums.

Reminds me of Tron Legacy.

frootza responds:

Cool! Haven't seen it, also not exactly the vibe I was going for but thanks man!


I fucking love Free Bird, and this was a very successful cover. Well done!

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Hell to the fucking yes!

Is the thing in back the same from your animation?

pinoytoons responds:

yep :D

I love this poster, such an array of characters. High-Seas Honey is gonna be awsome!

I'm a writer. I'm an artist. I'm an animator. I'm all of these things, but one at a time.

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