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Entry #11

There is nothing to say

2013-05-22 14:41:24 by silverspecs



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2013-05-25 14:57:09

hey, i've read about your new animations based on "the test is over" post.. when you plan to release it?

silverspecs responds:

I can't really set a release date at this point in time. Right now there's nearly 2 minutes of animation when the guy is just about to jump through the cieling. This is gonna be my first flash submission to Newgrounds and I plan on making it score very well. I'm gonna need at least 2 other voice actors (whom I already have in mind) and I'm also gonna need to find some sound effects. I plan on covering as much as I can (but I'm not including everyone's submissions). As you can see there's alot on my plate. The animation isn't proving to be too difficult, but right now dates are out of the question. I'm glad you're interested though. If other people come here and express their interest I might start posting updates to how it's coming along.


2013-06-03 22:40:26

it smells like a used douche in here

silverspecs responds:

Yeah, there was a woman with a "problem" in here earlier. She asked if she could take care of it here and I said I didn't mind. She then proceeded to use her douche.


2013-06-21 22:39:25

May I draw you a new icon? Yours looks... stiff...

silverspecs responds:

I certainly won't discourage you if it's something you want to do. If I like it more than the one I made, I'll use it.


2013-12-02 18:25:05

your faggy pic looks like shit.

silverspecs responds:

You are entitled to your opinion. Thank you for feeling at liberty to share it with me. You made me realize that my blog is outdated.


2014-07-30 22:17:49


silverspecs responds: