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That old man wasnt expecting this now was he!

1 thing

These characters sure are some messed up mother fkers


I hope at least one part of this series makes the leader board


Extremely awsome kickass action that only comes from pros. I hope I dont step over the line if I say that this my rival Xiao Xiao...

(The score is serious but not the review)

Wow! It's amazing what a bullet looks like when you reall slow it down!

"No words, should've sent a poet"

I watched this when it first came out some year and a 1/2 ago and was really impressed, and I mean REALLY IMPRESSED! But having viewed this for the first time since then, I'm even more satisfied by the fact that I know a few more of these series. But what I really speculate on is the feeling all of you must've had from coming together for a common goal. (must be sweet...) I look foward to your future work.


At the top of its class in violence. If I could choose 1 sentence to sum up everything this work made me feel/think/want to say it's this:

The hideousness of this THING, will haunt my dreams forever.


I doupted a flash of this complexity was possible

This must have taken forever to make. The graphics are unreal. The story line is ultra complex. I give you a 10/10, but for the next "Xionic Madness" SLOW DOWN THE TEXT SPEED!

I only rate the very best submissions

Great choice of song to do a music video on. You can always count on Weird Al to give a "Hardware Store" of these songs. You did a great job in music-animation coordination and gave a great ending too! For your acheivement you have earned a Silverspecks reveiw.

I only rate the best of submissions!

This is great. I beleive this is primarilly funny because nobody ever remembers the characters acting like this in the series. This is pure gold spontanious humor. Everytime I visit newgrounds I always watch this because I have been laughing for days. Great Job! Keep up the good work!

I'm a writer. I'm an artist. I'm an animator. I'm all of these things, but one at a time.

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