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If this makes it thru:
Good first attempt. Shoot for something more complex with your next upload.
Battletoads/Double Dragon music FTW!

crspamp responds:

Thank you for your constructive criticism

No, you didn't fixed trapped ball bug, at least not entirely. It's currently trapped and making racket as I type this message.

GimmeSumJava responds:

Hmm...let me try again.

U can't get the friggen key!

Lochymacleod responds:

You can, press spacebar to place a trap for enemies

Had fun playing. Took me 25 days. also the menu button on the instructions page doesn't work. Perhaps it doesn't work in other places, I didn't check

I don't know what it was...

But something compelled me to hold down the up button for a minute even after reading the "about" section.

All I can see is an ad

The option to play the game never shows up for me even after reloading 3 times. Get it fixed and resubmit.

GameHippies responds:

yeah... doh fixed it.. stupid api!

This was fun

And I'm proud to hold 3rd place until I get knocked off. 47,545

over 2.5 million feet!

It took me: Frost Sword, aiming straight out at full power, 4 consecutive landmines, 6/8 expertly timed hits, 3 consecutive cannons, another cannon later, a robot, then a 5th cannon later. Berzerk Ball Master! This game is awsome and addicting!

WOW! I just can't get over Submachine

These games make me want to learn about:
The explanations of how he uses his karma powers
His involvement with the other people mentioned in the scattered notes
Who's side he's on
What the Submachine is
What he thinks and feels about the Submachine and why
If I'm on this quest to track him down
If he wishes to be found at all.

I swear, this game series could be made into a movie (or movies)!

I'm an addict to this

I got really lucky this one time. Using the guitar, I started off with a power hit. Then I got two consecutive ground power hits. On the second one, I hit the geek directly into a robot who was standing right there! But wait, there's MORE! My first touchdown after that, I landed into a cannon :D. When things go this well, and the geek is traveling damn near the speed of light, you can barely see the f--king clouds. I'm having alot of fun.

I'm a writer. I'm an artist. I'm an animator. I'm all of these things, but one at a time.

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