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I'm enjoying the game so far, but I'm stuck in the first room so cell block B. The wall is too high for me to jump back out. Am I supposed to be able to jump higher by this point. If so please, let me know.

Quells responds:

Are you talking about the sand pit where you fight a mob of soldiers, archers, dogs, and an werewolf looking thing? If you did, an item should've spawned. If it didn't PM and I'll see what I can do first thing tomorrow morning.

This sounds like Kirby music :)

Raytheon responds:

you are right, my friend, i just so like it. :)

This is going to involve a pad and pencil. Do left and right arrows turn me, or move me?

ZeroCreativity1 responds:

move you. its like a overview 2d puzzle. but with no graphics.

If this makes it thru:
Good first attempt. Shoot for something more complex with your next upload.
Battletoads/Double Dragon music FTW!

crspamp responds:

Thank you for your constructive criticism

No, you didn't fixed trapped ball bug, at least not entirely. It's currently trapped and making racket as I type this message.

GimmeSumJava responds:

Hmm...let me try again.

U can't get the friggen key!

Lochymacleod responds:

You can, press spacebar to place a trap for enemies

All I can see is an ad

The option to play the game never shows up for me even after reloading 3 times. Get it fixed and resubmit.

GameHippies responds:

yeah... doh fixed it.. stupid api!

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